A Small Setback

If you recall from my last post, my world of food has expanded from only four foods to about twenty foods. I was gradually ramping up and adding whatever was deemed “safe” during the month of January. All was going quite well, until last week. I’ll get to what happened in a moment.

To review, I had been eating mostly chicken, beef, carrots and squash. It’s a fairly healthy diet, but lacking variety. As it turns out, new food allergy testing showed that some of those foods are actually allergenic for me and contributing to my inflammatory load, making it impossible to add any new foods without getting sick.

My new safe food list includes chicken, nixes the beef and squash, and allows a little bit of carrot. Instead, I get to add some limited fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables.  

Upon introducing whole wheat in early January, I had some definite bloating until my digestive system adjusted to handle it. Same effect when I added cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. All was okay though after some minor digestive accommodations. I was feeling good and exercising regularly and not having migraines.

Last week, I mixed in a couple of new items. These should be safe foods, based on my allergen list. However, there’s a catch. Food one was sunflower seed butter. I’d been eating sunflower seeds for weeks with no ill effect. The only hitch –  the only sunflower seed butters I could easily find include added sugar. Food two was dried pineapple. I’m not a fan of raw pineapple – I like the flavor – not the texture. Dried pineapple is a reasonable compromise, except the only brands I could find include added sugar. Hmm, see anything in common?

To give you a bit more background, I had a food allergy test way back in 2002 that noted a reaction to sugar. When I tried adding some sugar to my otherwise bland diet back in early 2017, I had a reaction. Now, the two food allergy tests I’ve had most recently (2016 and 2017) didn’t test sugar, so I don’t know what kind of immune reaction it triggers.

Regardless, here I am, about four days out from consuming allegedly safe foods that contain added sugar and I’ve had a very inflamed stomach, nausea, extreme fatigue, body aches, headaches, sore bleeding gums, and generally feel unwell. It could be the addition of pineapple alone was the problem. At this point, I want to feel better and will avoid both pineapple and sugar and see if I recover!

Let’s chalk this up as a minor setback, a bump in the road, and move on. Sugar is very bad for your body and I don’t like pineapple all that much anyway. Yay, back to my other twenty foods!


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