Sometimes you just have a bad day… week… month…

I really haven’t been feeling well lately. My functional medicine doctor gave me a long list of supplements and foods to try back in June. Most of the trials resulted in a failure. That is, I had a bad reaction and got sick. After a week or so of recovery, I’d try the next thing. And get sick again.

Then, out of the blue, some of the contents of my dietary staple SCD chicken soup started giving me trouble. First, the onions. Took those out and felt better. Next month, it was the celery. I had a lot of frozen soup left with celery still cooked in. So, I ate the soup with the celery picked out. I could probably pick out 95% of the solids. I initially felt better for a few days, then went downhill again. Darn, even the non-corporeal celery in the soup was a problem.

The roller coaster of food and supplement trials over the past few months, combined with the new reactions to cooked onions and celery, has left me feeling not so well.

I have low grade migraine symptoms coming and going. I feel very tired and lack energy. My digestion, while not outright bad, is irregular – sometimes very hungry, other times having no appetite. Bowels are responding with cramps and firmer movements. Oh, and the past few days have brought the dreaded brain fog. The fog has lifted this evening, allowing me enough coherence to write this.

Regardless of what the doctors tell me I need to supplement, my body is yelling at me that it needs a rest. I need a break from trying new foods and frequent reactions!