First things first – introductions

My name is Rob. I’m currently 51. I experienced a few related digestive blips during my teen years and then developed full blown food allergies and major digestive problems at the age of twenty. Of course, we’re talking 1986, when virtually no one had heard of food allergies and there was certainly no discussion of leaky gut. I suffered for many years with worsening symptoms, and no treatment, until medical science caught up and could give me a reasonable diagnosis. Treatment options are still a bit iffy, but I’ll get to that part later.

So, why a blog? Several reasons:

  1. I need an outlet to write about my thoughts, feelings and all the weirdness in my body;
  2. Maybe my experience can help others who are undiagnosed or uncertain as to their illness;
  3. Perhaps other people can share their experiences, with me and others who read the blog;
  4. I want to document my past history and continue to chronicle my current experiences – in short, I want to tell my story – get it down on paper (electrons in this case).

Where do I go from here? In subsequent posts, I’ll start at the beginning and explain how I ended up where I am today. You don’t get as sick as I’ve been overnight – it takes time. I did a lot of things wrong and ate foods and used medications that made the situation worse because I didn’t know any better. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.